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Eicredit is a reliable lender, over 96% users recommend their services to their loved ones and friends. If you are looking for payday loans online, select the offer of this lender and join the group of satisfied customers of the company, whose main advantage is quick consideration of applications. Watch the video tutorial and make sure how easy it can be to apply for a loan at Eicredit.

Small instant payday loans: Fast Loan Transfer to you

Eicredit based the entire customer service process on an automated system that allows you to get a loan in a very short time. Expenses no longer have to wait long. The average waiting time for a loan decision in less than two minutes! And the whole process, together with filling out the application, waiting for decisions and receiving by means of transfer of funds to a bank account will fit in about ten minutes. Such quick solutions like small instant payday loans are possible thanks to our loan company, so learn more about

Another advantage of this lender is the way to verify your details. We have two options to choose from. The traditional transfer of a symbolic amount, which is 1 grosz, is a simple and quick solution for most people. However, there is also an alternative for people who do not have funds on their own account. It is the CantoLoaded application that allows you to verify your data without making a transfer. So if you do not have money in your bank account, and you need a quick loan for already, then the offer from Eicredit will be the perfect solution for you.

Eicredit does not check its clients in the Credit Information Bureau database. The lender knows that in this database of debtors there are people who are at least once late in paying the installment in the bank, moreover, this entry cannot be deleted and it stays for another five years, which significantly limits access to consumer loans for people with such an entry. Eicredit tries to carry out pro-client activities, so it does not take into account information from BIK when making a loan decision. However, Eicredit has reserved other ways to verify the reliability of its clients. The lender works closely with KRD, BIG and ERIF databases, which means that clients are checked for previous unpaid debts. In this case, the only right way out for those in debt will be to pay their previous debts.

Compared to other lenders, Eicredit does not grant either the first or any subsequent loan for free. However, the company’s technological advantages are so great that there are many clients. The lender offers completely transparent contracts. The customer chooses the loan amount and repayment period. Even at the initial stage, he gets all the information about the final price of the loan, so nothing can surprise you at the settlement stage. The maximum amount that customers can apply for is 3,000 PLN with a repayment period of 7 to 30 days.

Documents needed for registration

Documents needed for registration

  • ID card
  • Mobile phone
  • Bank account