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Zynacredit allows you to get a payday for more than just 30 days. The main advantage of the company is the possibility of repaying the loan repayment for 61 or 90 days.

Just the name Zynacredit 1000 guests with us for the first time. However, this is not a new brand on the Polish loan market, but has been operating successfully for 10 years. It was in 2009 that the company Polynar, under the ownership of Zynacredit.

Zynacredit is not a typical payday loan for a period of 30 days. It is a company that can offer us much more, although still in the short-term loans. The company specializes in loans with a 61 or 90-day repayment period. Thanks to this, we get a slightly longer repayment period than in the case of traditional payday loans.

Zynacredit – a minute for longer


If someone counted on the fact that in this company will be able to get a free loan, then at the very beginning I will have to disappoint him. Zynacredit company does not offer free payday so new customers will not find any promotion from which they could use. It is for this moment with an extended repayment period. This is not a standard 30 days, but 61 or 90 days. The amount of available loans in the company can range from 500 to 3000 PLN. In the case of new customers, the loan limit is up to PLN 1,000. However, we can get acquainted with the loan costs before applying for a loan. It is also worth knowing that the repayment of the loan does not take place once. A 61-day account holder is repaid in two monthly installments, and a 90-day payment in 3 installments.

Who can get a loan through Zynacredit? Every adult person who is a Polish citizen and has a current ID card. Interested in obtaining a loan should not have debts or delays in payments, visible in such databases as database. It is also necessary to have employment when granting a loan. It is necessary to pay a verification fee in the amount of PLN 1 to obtain a refund in Zynacredit. The payment should be made from an individual bank account belonging to the person applying for the loan. It is very likely that the company may ask you for additional documents certifying employment or income.

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